Natural Teeth Whitening Methods: Do They Really Work?

ToothbrushAll-natural teeth whitening methods are all the rage lately and have been gaining more and more attention by those in search of the best way to whiten their pearly whites. Applauded for being cheap and effective, many people spend weeks or even months dutifully using these home remedies to whiten their smile. But do they work?

No one wants to spend weeks out of their life dedicatedly following a natural tooth whitening method to get a brighter smile, only to find that there is no difference at all after a significant amount of time has passed. Before you break out the baking soda and coconut oil, let’s look at the facts as to if these approaches truly have any credibility and take a look at the science to back it.

Why Do People Love Going “Natural”?

Many people are intrigued with the idea of all-natural products and are constantly seeking out ways to remedy their beauty woes without the use of harmful chemicals that might cause damage to their bodies. This is understandable, but in most cases, the chemicals used when lightening your teeth are safe and used only in concentrations that would not hurt, but rather help them.

The desire to avoid fabricated methods is completely understandable, but it is not necessary—or possibly even effective. With all the whitening solutions that have taken the stage these days, many of them becoming quite popular, there is certainly room for doubt as to whether they yield the desired results. The desire to be healthier is one that most people share, but before you start following a routine just because it is labeled “all-natural,” it’s a good idea to look at the kind of effects that you can expect to experience from it and whether it truly works.

What Type of Methods are Available?

LemonsOne popular and cheap, do-it-yourself, and easy lightening solution that was even featured on The Dr. Oz Show is brushing with baking soda and strawberry mixture. Research has shown that natural whitening practices does not do anything to brighten the appearance of your smile, but also may even cause them weaken as the soda wears them down. Many people use this approach to avoid professional solutions they see as damaging when in fact they are not, only to use this method, which can truly cause harm.

Another thing that has been praised as a tooth-whitening agent in the past has been lemons. However, this is another whitening solution that is quite dangerous and damaging to the health of your smile, and research has shown that the citric acid in such large concentrations that are present in lemons is capable of eroding them.

Many people think these all-natural practices are working at first, but in truth, they only appear to make teeth whiter after the first use because they help to remove the plaque. This gives them the appearance of being whiter, encouraging the user to continue the process, but in fact, they will not become any brighter after the first brushing, as the mixtures lack sufficient ingredients for true results. This barely-there whitening is certainly not worth the risks, however, as studies revealed they reduced the surface hardness of the treated teeth by as much as 10%.

What’s the Best Natural Method for Teeth Whitening?

Not all methods of all-natural teeth whitening are completely dangerous. However, one of the safest solutions is oil pulling. Unlike the other options available, it will not harm your mouth, but it likely won’t whiten them very effectively either.

Oil pulling is done by swishing a tablespoon of coconut oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes every day. This is said to cleanse the mouth of bacteria and help brighten your smile. While you may experience results from doing this, it will take a long time and a lot of effort. Still, the results will be minuscule and your smile will likely only become a slight shade brighter. If you are curious about learning a little more about teeth lightening products and are looking for more information on what are the best brands, and where to find them visit our teeth whitening page and get the answers you’re probably looking for.

The Verdict

Do yourself a favor and skip the natural methods altogether and go straight for a service that is going to work for you. This significantly reduces the risk of harm to your smile, while also allowing you to see results in a much faster time frame. Obviously it’s up to you, but in my opinion, if you know you’re not putting yourself in any harm, and if you can afford it, then why would you keep squirting your teeth with lemons?

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