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Many of us have been in a place where we are embarrassed with our teeth and our smile, because of the way our teeth look. It can become very stressful in social situations, particularly when someone is wielding a camera. Smiling isn’t for everyone, especially if you are embarrassed of your teeth, and nothing is more uncomfortable than people constantly telling you to smile.

To help you feel more comfortable when those photo opportunities pop up, we’ve put together a list of alternatives to smiling that won’t ruin the picture!

  • Try talking or physically laughing. This is a much more natural way to smile, and having a candid shot will be more genuine.
  • Tilt your head in a downwards direction. This brings the attention to your eyes, and shifts focus away from your mouth.
  • Don’t look straight at the camera. Try to take a profile view or over-the-shoulder shot. Often when you are not looking straight at the camera, the angle is more flattering, and again, it can draw the attention away from your teeth.
  • Use your eyes! The key to a sincere smile is smiling with the eyes, so learning how to keep your expression here will help to combat the forced or uncomfortable look of your mouth.
  • Make faces. We’ve all seen teenagers pulling “duck face” or “kissy face”, but there is actually something in this. Even sticking your tongue out, or doing “surprised face” can add an element of fun to the picture, all whilst drawing attention away from your teeth.
  • Only show your upper teeth whilst smiling. If it is your lower teeth that concern you, smiling with only your upper teeth is still a great smile, and it is much easier to hide your bottom teeth away.

Regardless of whether it is a photo opportunity or simply a social situation, the important thing is to be confident with your smile! If you really thing that is impossible with your current situation, visit your local dentist to see how they can help you. With free consults and 0% finance, even speaking to a professional may give you more confidence with your smile.

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