Sensitive Teeth Causing Tooth Pain?


It is not uncommon for people to suffer toothache caused by sensitivity, and for some, this is a warning sign of more serious issues.

If you have experienced sharp or sudden tooth pains when your teeth are exposed to extreme changes in temperature, or when eating certain foods, then you almost definitely have a tooth sensitivity problem. When the dentin of your teeth is exposed along the gum line, it can cause this sharp pain. Dentin is a relativity soft material that helps to support the teeth. The dentin is exposed when gums start to recede, which can cause pain when eating certain foods.

Tooth sensitivity can be very uncomfortable, and can strike unexpectedly. Whilst it is most common in front teeth, people can also experience this tooth pain in their molars. Whilst sensitivity is in itself a problem, it can also indicate more serious health complications. We advise visiting oru dentist for a check up on your sensitive teeth. Your dentist can also provide advise on how to deal with tooth sensitivity,

So how is tooth sensitivity caused? There are many contributing factors, such as overzealous brushing, gum disease, tooth decay, and even grinding your teeth in the nighttime. There are some toothpastes that can help with tooth pain and sensitivity by plugging the gaps on dentin to help to reduce the amount of pain felt.

If you are considering having any cosmetic dentistry work done, such as teeth whitening or dental implants, your dentist can advise you of the best strategy whilst considering your sensitive teeth. It may mean that some procedures need a modification in order to reduce the amount of pain you may suffer.

If you are suffering from tooth pain or sensitivity, book a free consult with your local dentist.

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