Do You Qualify To Be A Dental Implant Patient?


Many people may have missing or loose teeth, and their automatic thought may be to get a dental implant fitted. Did you know that not everyone qualifies to be a dental implant patient? There are certain checkpoints that you must pass in order for a dental professional to allow your dental implants procedure to go ahead. We’ve compiled some factors that may affect your eligibility to get a dental implant fitted:
Age: In order to get a dental implant fitted, your bones (including your jawbone) need to be fully grown. As a child or teenager, your bones are still growing, so placing a permanent implant into your jawbone is not advisable until you are older.
Pregnancy: If you are pregnant, most dentists will advise waiting until after the baby is born before going ahead with a dental implant procedure.
Smoking: Your dentists main priority is to ensure the success and longevity of your dental implant. For smokers, the rate of success is considerable lower than it is for non-smokers.
Disease: If you have a chronic disease such as uncontrollable diabetes, haemophilia, or an immune deficiency, undergoing dental implant treatment could put you at significant risk. Having one of these conditions doesn’t immediately disqualify you being a dental implant patient, but it is important to raise this with your dentist.

The best way to see if you qualify as a potential dental implant patient is to book in a free consultation with your local dentist to have your case assessed. Your dentist will ask you questions and consider the level of treatment you need before advising you on the best course of action to restore your beautiful smile.

You can book your free consultation in today.

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