New UK Sugar Tax Welcomed By Dentists


As reported by the British Dental Association, from 2018, the UK government will be imposing a sugar tax on the soft drinks industry. The new tax is something that has lots of local dentists talking and the majority are welcoming the change.

Whilst drinks such as pure fruit juices and milk-based drinks have been excluded, the rest of the soft drinks industry will be placed into two bands:

  • Drinks with 5g of sugar per 100ml will incur an 18p per litre levy
  • Drinks with more than 8g of sugar per 100ml will incur a 24p per litre levy.

The BDA has been influential in leading calls for action on sugar. We have seen tooth decay rise dramatically in young children, and we now see the number one reason for hospitalisation in young children being tooth decay.

sugar taxBritain will be joining a bunch of other countries that have already started taxing sugary drinks to reduce consumption, especially in children. Some of the countries that have successfully introduced this tax include France, Finland, Mexico and Hungary.

Whilst manufacturers will have to decide whether they will be absorbing the cost, passing it on to consumers, or reducing the amount of sugar in their products, the Office for Budget Responsibility expects firms to begin stripping out excess sugar.

Celebrities such as chef Jamie Oliver have applauded the move to instate a sugar tax, and even gone as far as to recommend other governments, such as Australia, to follow suit.

As dentists, seeing any reduction in sugar intake is always going to be welcomed. Sugar can cause long-lasting damage to teeth, in both children and adults. Whilst brushing regularly can help to reduce the effect, the most effective method is to reduce your overall sugar intake.

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