How To Fight Bad Breath


Top 4 Ways to Keep Your Breath Fresh All Day Long

In today’s busy lifestyle with everyone busy getting their daily activities done it’s not surprising that it’s easier to come across bad breath from time to time. One for the main reasons for someone having smelly breath is poor dental hygiene or possibly even early sign of a gum disease. To help spread some awareness and also to make sure you are not the one that people are avoiding because you don’t know how to fight bad breath we have asked a couple of or friendly UK dentist clinics put together a list of the best 4 things you can do to keep your mouth clean and smelling great all day, every day.

Brush Your Teeth Regularly

This is the most common phrase that we all hear often, and it’s the most important thing you can do to kick bad breath to the curb. It’s also worth pointing out the good dental hygiene doesn’t only consist of running the brush over your teeth twice a day, but you should be using other products like dental floss, mouth wash and even a tongue scraper where necessary. The reason that some you might be losing your fight with bad breath is because of a build up of plaque in your mouth which is what bacteria and germs feed on. Brushing your teeth often will mean less plaque and food debris in your mouth, which means less bacteria giving you a better change to win the fight against bad breath.

Drink A Lots Of Water Each Day

Generally speaking it’s important that you keep your body hydrated each day and most medical experts recommend that we all consume at least 2 pints of water every single day to keep our bodies functioning at optimal levels. The great thing about this important fact is that drinking water also keeps our mouth moist and fresh. If you get thirsty the dryness in your mouth can lead to unpleasant smells taking over and your fresh breath won’t last long

Eat Foods The Promote Fresh Breath

 This doesn’t mean typical foods like mint, but also fruits high in Vitamin C like melons and citrus, which can help kill germs in your mouth. Fibre-packed foods like apples and celery also help to remove food wedged between your teeth.

Chew Sugar Free Gum

Bacteria thrives on sugar. It then breaks that sugar down into acid, which can cause bad breath. Chewing sugar free gum promotes salivation, which helps to clear out your mouth, and also leaves your breath minty fresh.

If you have been practicing all of the above steps, and still feel like you have bad breath, you may want to visit a dentist. You can find your nearest dentist at My Dental Implants UK, and they will be happy to talk you through any options for treating bad breath.

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