Benefits of Using a Drinking Straw


How often are you offered a drinking straw? And how often do you use one? We actually have some pretty good reasons for using a drinking straw:

  • Stain Protection: Straws can help to protect your teeth from sugar and staining that your teeth can come into contact with on a regular basis. Long term exposure to dark-coloured foods and drinks can have a darken the tooth enamel, and using a straw can help to avoid direct contact with the front of your teeth.
  • Reduced Exposure: Using a drinking straw means you can control the amount of the food or drink exposure by directing the substance away from your teeth. Reduced exposure means less chances that bacteria and sugary substances that can cause erosion will stick to your teeth.
  • Hygiene: Can/bottles/dishes in restaurants can all host germs and bacteria, simply from being exposed to other people during handling. Using a drinking straw can help you to consume your beverage, without consuming those germs!
  • Convenience: Drinking when you are on the go is much easier when you use a drinking straw. This is especially true if you are in a moving vehicle!
  • Safety: When you drink from a drinking straw, you are taking in a more controlled amount of liquid, which actually reduces your risk of choking. Drinking smaller amounts at one time also means you are at a reduced risk of burning your mouth on hot beverages.

Do you think you will make an effort to start drinking with a straw? Take our advice! Protect Your Teeth! Love Straws!

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