Chipped Tooth? Here’s What to do Next!



You’re chomping down on your favourite food, when all of a sudden CRACK – you feel a crunch, only to realise that you have chipped of a part of one of your teeth! Chipping a tooth is no fun. It can be uncomfortable and painful, and depending on placement, it can really affect your smile. It can be especially annoying around holiday season, when you are away from your dentist, or busy with other commitments.

We’ve compiled a list of tips in case you chip a tooth:

  • First things first: If possible, call your dentist. If you’re out of town, call another dentist. This is very important, because what can start out as a small crack can quickly turn into a larger crack, and can even become infected. You will want to get this checked out ASAP, so book in as soon as possible,
  • Wash your mouth out with either mouthwash or salt water regularly. This will help to keep the chipped tooth clean and disinfected.
  • If possible (or required), cover the crack with some paraffin wax to keep from cutting your mouth. This serves a dual purpose, as it will also help to keep food or other debris from getting into the crack, which could be painful, and could lead to infection.
  • Until you speak to your dentist, stick to soft foods, or try to chew on the side of the mouth that is opposite to the crack. Once you have visited your dentist, they will be able to advise you on best practice moving forward.

You could also consider creating an emergency dental kit! It helps to have one of these nearby to deal with situations like a chipped tooth, and you can always make a travel version for when you are away on holidays.

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