Chewing Gum Vs Crunching Mints


Chewing gum and sucking on mints – what’s your flavour? Most of the time when you ask people, they will either have gum or mints, never both. It’s a very strong personal preference, but the question is – which is better for our teeth, implants and oral health in general? The answer is tricky:

Mints are great for that blast of instant fresh breath, and they have the added bonus of disappearing quickly – you don’t have to spend the next half hour thinking about what to do with your used gum. They are also easy to transport, and don’t melt in hot temperatures. Mints are also more economical, with a mint packet typically containing a lot more than a gum packet.

The negative side of mints? They usually disappear pretty quickly in your mouth, so you will probably eat them a little faster than gum.

Gum has many of the same good qualities as mints with regards to fresh breath, and some gum also has the ability to reduce odour-causing bacteria. Gum is ideal for after meals, as it helps increase saliva production, which can remove food particles and bacteria from between your teeth, aiding with bad breath and dry mouth.

The downside to gum? Chewing gum is often considered distracting or rude in many situations (particularly professional situations). Prolonged chewing of gum can also be stressful to the jaw.

In short – both gum and mints have a place, and both are great for helping to maintain bad breath! If you frequently suffer from bad breath, it may be a sign of a bigger problem, and you should book an appointment to see your nearest dentist.


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