Floss Like A Boss & Clean Your Teeth Like A Pro


How Floss Your Your Teeth Like A Boss

We all know that we should be flossing regularly to keep our dental hygiene up, but it is one of those tasks that is all too easy to skip. Brushing your teeth only cleans a portion of the surface area of your teeth and gums. Flossing is incredibly important to clear away food and plaque that can get stuck between your teeth. To maintain good oral health it is important to undertake correct flossing techniques.

We have created a simple guide to help you floss like a boss each and everyday and keep your smile looking beautiful and bright

The Best Way To Floss

To begin with, take approximately 45cm of dental floss. This might seem a lot, but you want to start by wrapping the extra length around your fingers, and just leave a few inches between them. Begin by gently sliding the floss between each tooth, and moving the floss up and down. Don’t stop when you reach the gum line – you need to work the dental floss gently into the space between the each tooth and the gum line, as this is where a lot of plaque builds up, and it is only accessible by using floss.

Which Types To Use

There are many products on the market which claim to give you more benefit that others. In our experience, we found that using a waxed material was the types of dental floss that performed the best. This was mostly due to how the waxed floss was able to glide between your teeth much easier than the un-waxed floss that we have used and tested. When choosing a floss for yourself, it’s important to avoid nylon flosses as these can typically shred easily and you’ll end up with small pieces of nylon in your smile.

How Often Should You Be Flossing

In a ideal but completely unrealistic world, all of us should be brushing and flossing after each meal. Most of us get away quite easily with brushing twice a day.If you’re not able to floss your teeth at the same time as you brush, try to get it done before going to bed. While we sleep there is less saliva produced which means less protection for our mouth. Removing any debris prior to sleeping can help to stop bacteria building up during the night.

Flossing Made Easy

You can get single, one-use disposable “flossers” which come connected to a stick. The sticks normally have a small toothpick included if you have something that is difficult to reach. These types of handy items are easily transportable, and you will certainly be grateful for them if you get food stuck in front teeth while you are out with your friends and family!

Is Flossing Bad For Your Teeth

If you have tried flossing and stopped because it is painful, or makes your gums bleed, we recommend visiting your local dentist in the next few days if possible. Having any of these types of effects from using dental floss can be a sign of gum disease or other conditions that can get worse over time if left untreated.

So there you have it, a easy to digest read on the best ways to floss and care for your teeth in the best possible way. We hope this guide has given you some good information of why flossing is important, and how you should try your best to incorporate it into your everyday life and #FlossLikeABoss

If you would like to know more about flossing or have a question about which is the best local dental in your area just click here and we’ll be able to help you find them.

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