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Located in Wakefield, which is an historic city of intriguing diversity, The Centre for Advanced Dentistry is a premier dental practice in Yorkshire.

We are fast becoming the best providing practice for teeth replacement procedures available in the area.

Our practice is already well known for its serene and comfortable environment, and making your visit to the dentist a relaxed one.

As soon as you step through the door you will notice how calming and mellow the clinic environment is.

You’ll have everything your need to be completely ready for talking with our team about your questions and expectations from the treatment you’re receiving.

We want to make sure your dental appointment as enjoyable as if can be.

If you are thinking about having some dental work done, or would like to find our more about how easy it is to get dental implants in Wakefield fitted, then you need to read on about our special off er for local residents of the area.

The clinic offers it’s customers a range of dental implants & teeth treatment options which include everything from having a single tooth replaced, getting multiple dental implants fitted, or even having a full mouth, or Same Day Smiles procedure done.

Special Dental Implant Offers For Wakefield Residents

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to all our new customers, and those who are residents of Wakefield or surrounding areas are eligible to receive their initial consultation at no cost. That’s right, you can call us on 01924 242 888 and arrange a time to talk with our dentists and not have to worry about the price.

We’ll give you the initial consultation for free. All you need to do is call and arrange a time that is suitable for you to visit the practice.

Dr Mike Ainsworth is our cosmetic and implant specialist dentist at our Wakefield clinic. Since 2002, he has been performing all types of treatment options to people in the UK and other countries.

In fact, he has completed more that 700 dental implant procedures and has a special keeping up to day with all the latest dentistry procedures and innovations that are on the market.

If happen to be a little nervous or unsure about how you will handle your procedure or even the visit to the dentist, just have a quiet word with Dr Ainsworth and he can talk you through the entire process and make sure you are completely comfortable.

He can provide you with some light sedation medi to help make you more relaxed if needed.

We want every patient who visits the client to experience

  • Friendly & Relaxed Environment
  • Qualified Dentists and Facilities
  • Experienced and Friendly Staff

Dental Implants Yorkshire

Individual Tooth Replacements

Gaps in your teeth can affect your dental health and cause poor self-confidence. If you are missing a single to tooth or have one that is a little loose, than an this might be an option for you. The great thing about replacing just one of your teeth is that the replacement can be inserted without impacting any of your existing teeth in the process. Modern technoligies allow us to make your new tooth from titanium, which is a surface that human bone actually bond with as they grow, so over time your replacement tooth will become a permanent one as your bones grow and lock the new tooth in place.
single dental implant

Replacing Multiple Teeth

If you have multiple teeth missing, rather than having one tooth replaced at a time, you can get them all done in a single procedure. With this type of treatment we can place new teeth on a 'bridge' which allows for more than one tooth to be fitted. This procedure creates even more stability as your bowns grow because each tooth is locked to the bridge. So, if you have a few missing teeth this might be a better option that going through multiple procedures for each of your teeth.
multiple dental implants

Same Day Teeth

If you are missing more than a couple of teeth or your dentures are no longer comfortable, then this might be the option your looking for. We are able to offer you a single solution where you can walk into a dental practice, and on the same day, walk outwith a brand new, full set of teeth fitted. Our experienced team of dentists work very closely with our technicians and hygineists to ensure that we can place a fully fixed, permanent arch of beautiful, natural looking teeth. You will be able to eat and speak normally, and the difference you will feel is amazing! This is the perfect long term solution for teeth that will last a lifetime.

Contact Our Dental Clinic

If you live in Wakefield or nearby, give us a call to organise your free consultation.

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Home Treatment Advice from the Centre for Advanced Dentistry Wakefield

Our practice is located in Wakefield and is becoming well known in the community for our serene environment. Our mission is to help relieve our clients’ anxiety when visiting the dentists, because we know that it can be a nerve-racking experience for most people.

The Centre for Advanced Dentistry has state of the art equipment and provides dental consultations, procedures and surgery, and we also offer advice to patients interested in teeth whitening.

We want to protect our customers from unsafe practices and also from being scammed. You can speak to our dentists about what is the right teeth whitening method for you, prices and what you need to do to get started. You can also speak to them about their opinions on teeth whitening products and if they can recommend the best teeth whitening kits to do it yourself at home.

We understand that not everybody can afford professional whitening treatment, and therefore we want to give you the right advice about doing it yourself so that you are proceeding safely.

Our goal is to change people’s negative perceptions about visiting the dentist by establishing friendships with our clients and giving them the right advice so that everybody walks away happy.

Contact us today to enquire about making a booking so that you can be one step closer to having that picture perfect smile.

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