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Dental Implant Treatments in Kent

You can find great implant clinics in Kent where the dental surgeons use the most up to date techniques offering implant treatments that are not always available at routine dental practices in the area.

Dental implants are prosthetic teeth implanted into the jaw as an alternative to dentures, bridges and crowns with a titanium post placed in the jaw along the replacement teeth which are attached to the post. These replacements have a natural appearance, they preserve the jawbone and neighbouring teeth and allow you to eat anything. Many patients have experienced an increase in self esteem as a result of the treatment, as it facilitates speaking, smiling and chewing. It’s a great permanent alternative to removable dentures, where there is no chance of slipping or getting lost as the implants are strong and stable.

teeth cleaning and whiteningIt is important to understand that you do not need an implant for each missing tooth. In some of the practices, the cost of the implant treatment will be reduced the more missing teeth you will have.

Ideal candidates for dental implants will have healthy gums, sufficient jawbone to sustain the implants and good general health.

A lot of Kent’s implant clinics offer very competitive fees, although it is essential to consider all the alternatives presented to you during the consultation and to opt for a long term solution. Some even offer a 3 year warranty which reflects confidence in the treatment.

Good oral hygiene and regular dentist visits are essential for good results as implants can last as long as 40 years when they are maintained properly. With a success rate of 95% in the lower jaw and 90% in the upper jaw, they are the right treatment option for many patients.

If you are looking for tooth replacement or even teeth cleaning implants in Kent, book your free consultation now! Our team of dental surgeons will give you an obligation free fee estimate and a timeline of the treatment.

More About Kent

Kent is located in South East England, between London and the Straits of Dover. The county is best known as the garden of England and contains over 17000 listed buildings.

The most visited destinations in Kent are Canterbury with one of Europe’s finest World Heritage Cathedrals and Dover, a major ferry port off the coast with its famous White Cliffs facing France. You can book your appointments for a dental treatment in these historical cities or any of the neighbouring ones, as they can provide you with a great service in friendly practices.

You can reach Canterbury and Dover by car via the A2 which runs north to Canterbury and on to the M2. Coaches and trains will also take you there and due to the port and the channel tunnel rail link, Dover is one of the busiest cross-Channel ports in the UK.

When in Canterbury for your dental appointment you can explore the city by walking along narrow medieval alleyways, riverside gardens and ancient city walls. So do not miss a chance to visit the county of Kent!

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