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Located in the charming Yorkshire market town of Halifax, The Old Spire Dental Practice is a brand new, friendly, state-of-the art dentistry and cosmetic tooth care clinic.

The practice is specially designed to create a relaxing environment, and the team takes pride in making patients who might be a little nervous about their visit to the dentist relaxed and comfortable.

Our practice has skilled dentists who have decades of combined experience in many forms of cosmetic dentistry. Our main specialty is fitting high quality implants, or in other words, replacement teeth.

Choosing The Best Dental Implants For You

At The Old Spire Dental Practice we provide a number different tooth replacement options. We can fit single or multiple implants as well as our popular treatment called “same day teeth” which is almost like getting a full mouth of brand new teeth in a single day!

Nigel Hargreaves dental implants halifaxIf you are not feeling to confident in your smile these days or maybe you have loose dentures that are a bit uncomfortable, or just need to need to fill a small gap in your perfect smile, the team would like to invite you our clinic to have a free consultation. You can make the booking by calling 01924 762 000 and mentioning this page to our friendly reception staff. They will help you arrange a date to visit and also answer any introductory questions you may have about your visit to the dentist.

It’s very easy to get to get to our practice in Halifax. With connection to the M62, as well as excellent rail connections you can find us just 30 minutes from Leeds.

Dr Nigel Hargreaves is the practicing dentist. Nigel has a Masters in Restorative Dentistry, and has received advanced training in 5 countries across the globe in the fields of Implantology, Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry. All provided to him by some of the world’s leading clinicians.

Dr Hargreaves provides all aspects when treating and fitting replacement teeth at our clinic. He has a passion for smile and functional full mouth reconstructions, and regularly uses the “same day teeth, all on 4” technique to completely change peoples lives on a weekly basis.

When you visit our dental clinic, you can expect to receive

  • Dedicated Patient Care
  • Experienced Dental Practitioners
  • Efficient and Friendly Service
  • Comfortable and Relaxing Environment

If you’re looking for another option, and you would rather focus on the teeth that you have, then maybe a good option for you is to check out a top-rated teeth whitening kit that can transform the shine of your smile that is readily available right here in the UK. Our articles covers everything you need to know about them, and where to find the best ones.

Dental Implants Halifax

Replacing A Single Tooth

Missing teeth can be uncomfortable, painful, and have an effect on your levels of confidence. If you have a loose tooth, or are missing any teeth, then you should book a consultation for a free assessment. Individual teeth can be replaced neatly and cleanly, without impacting any of your existing ones. Made from titanium, the modern dental implant technique has the ability to lock into place with human bone, which can grow onto the surface of the titanium. This ensures your new tooth is firmly fixed in place.

Replacing Multiple Teeth

Rather than filling the space left by multiple missing teeth with multiple single implants, you can get fitted with “multiple dental implants”. Essentially, we can attach what's called a bridge to more comfortably replace your missing teeth. This type of tooth replacement is incredibly stable, and the comfort level is enhanced over time as further bone growth fuses with the surface of the artificial tooth.
multiple dental implants

Same Day Teeth

If you are missing a lot of teeth, or even a full mouth of teeth, we may be able to solve your problem with same-day-teeth. Same day teeth replace a full arch of teeth all in one day. This solution also works for people that have loose or poor fitting dentures. Same-day-teeth really are life changing. Once they are fitted, you can chew your favourite foods properly, speak clearly, and smile brightly. They can even help to improve the youthfulness of your facial features, as they prevent the dropping of the jawline. Same day teeth are a long term solution for greater confidence and oral health.
same day teeth

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The Old Spire Dental Practice Halifax’s Teeth Whitening Advice

The Old Spire Dental Practice in Halifax does it all when it comes to looking after your smile. From complicated dental surgery to routine check ups, you can have the full dental service all under one roof.

The Old Spire is home to a number of experienced, highly skilled practitioners who have a lot of knowledge when it comes to cosmetic dentistry.

Their practice specialises in dental implants, however they are also sought out for their services in deep cleaning and teeth whitening procedures.

For some people dental implants isn’t their preferred option because once you remove your real teeth there is no going back. Our team at the Old Spire understand this mentality and so they do everything in their power to salvage the teeth you were born with first before even considering dental surgery.

One of the most common requests in our practice is to simply make smiles look brighter and our team are also highly skilled in teeth whitening procedures. We also understand that not everybody has the budget for laser and LED whitening treatments, so we also give free advice about home whitening options and recommend the best teeth whitening kits that our patients can use without our professional supervision. “We want to guide them every step of the way”.

At The Old Spire Practice we want each of our customers walking out with big bright happy smiles.

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