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Whilst visiting Chester, you can find many dental practices skilled in fitting dental implants. The dentists in these practices can assess your situation, and recommend the best treatment for your missing teeth; whether it be single or multiple dental implants, or even something for a more complex case, such as Zygomatic implants or Same Day Smiles.

Dental implants have a more natural look and feel than dentures and bridges. You can have increased confidence when speaking, smiling and chewing. No need to worry about removing your dentures anymore. These tooth replacements are known for being more durable and longer lasting than other replacement options. Implants can last a lifetime whilst bridges and dentures need replacing every 7 to 15 years. Plus they are easier to maintain with just regular brushing, flossing and annual visits to the dentist.

local dentists in chesterDental Implants are a solution for many issues, such as one or more missing teeth due to injury, accident, decay or extraction, unstable dentures and they can even be used as anchors for fixed bridges where teeth are missing.  

Some of the benefits include stability, as they are rooted in the jawbone, comfort, aesthetics, durability and bone health.

This type of tooth replacement provides comfort and confidence when eating, allowing you to eat a variety of healthy foods with no special dietary restrictions as they transfer the biting forces into your jaw to maintain density.

Our dentists offer free initial consultations to people interested in having teeth replacement, so all you need to do is fill in the form and book in to have a highly skilled dentist assess your case for dental implants. Many of our expert dentists also offer finance options, so there really is no excuse not to consider dental implants to bring back the confidence in your smile!

Traveling to Dental Implants Chester

Chester is a picturesque town on the River Dee in Cheshire. It is rich in archeological and historical significance, and it is a hub for many major roads. There is easy access to the city with the M56 from Manchester, the M53 from the Wirral Peninsula, the A483 from Wrexham and Swansea, and the A55, which runs along the North Wales Coast.

Whilst getting your dental implant treatment in Chester, you can experience the largest Roman amphitheatre in Britain, as well as the most complete city walls. You can also visit the 1000 year old cathedral, as well as the oldest racecoure

Chester was originally the fortress site of the 20th legion. After suppressing the uprising of the army, Chester soon became a major trading port. It’s position on the border and impressive harbor soon also made it one of the most strategic outposts of the Roman Empire. The same route was also used years later during the Dark Ages, when the Viking raiders arrived in their long boats.

The city of Chester boasts a year-round calendar of food festivals, music festivals, sporting events, races and parades – definitely something worth checking out for all members of the family!

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