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Located in the beautiful village of Lymm, Cheshire, you can visit Gavin Laidlaw Dental Solutions for a wide range of dental treatment and be comfortable knowing that you are in the hands of a very talented team of individuals and a local dentist that your entire family can rely to keep your teeth in the best condition for life.

As well as offering the care you would expect from any local dentist, Gavin and his team provides you much more than just teeth cleaning and plaque removal treatment. The team at Cheshire are considered among the top rated dental implant providers in all of the UK.

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Types of Replacement Teeth

There are several different types of implants available on the market today. Making sure you have the design that will be the most comfortable and suitable for you is where Gavin and his team come in. Being experts on the 3 main types of implant treatment options there’s a much better chance that you’ll have the right procedure done that’s the most suitable for you.

Finding Cheshire Dental Centre

If you live in Warrington, Cheshire or any of the surrounding towns it’s very simple to find your way to our local dentist office. The practice is located just off the M56, M6 and M62 motorways and on average will take about 5 minutes while driving. This depends on traffic of course. If you need any help with directions to find the clinic our friendly staff will be more than happy to help. Just call the clinic on 01925 393795 and we will guide you to the door.

New Patient Procedure

If you are wanting to talk with an expert about dental implants or another type of cosmetic dentistry, the team at Gavin Laidlaw Dental Solutions offer all new patients a 100% free initial consultation that is perfect for being able to get the answers any questions you might have and helps to put your mind at ease while first meeting the team.

The Free Initial Consultations

The initial consultation is great for learning more about things like the dental implant cost and recovery times that can be expected. There’s a lot of information about the procedures online and the team at Gavin Laidlaw dental solutions will be available to help you every step of the way.

You may also like to use the free session to talk with Gavin about a plan that will keep your entire families teeth clean all year long and for years to come. The friendly team is available on 01925 393795 6 days per week and you can email the clinic via cheshire@mydentalimplantsuk.com anytime. Be sure to mention this page when scheduling your appointment. The office hours for Gavin Laidlaw Dental Solutions are available below.

The Best Dentist for Nervous Patients

It’s quite common that for most people a visit to the dentist is one of the least popular places that they ever visit. In some cases it can become an overwhelming experience and as a result is put off for as long as possible. Each of the staff at Gavin Laidlaw Dental Solutions are trained to ensure the environment is always a friendly and relaxed one where new and existing patient feel completely relaxed and at ease.

By using a number of different techniques, Gavin and his team can guarantee that the treatment provided is pain free and done in a manner that keeps you calm while visiting the dentist. There are also a range of additional options that can be included in your treatment to put you completely at ease throughout the entire visit.

Gavin has completed several certified training programs throughout his career and being one of the leading dentists in understanding the phobia that effects so many people in the Cheshire area as well as across the entire UK.

Dental Care Packages

Another thing that makes people nervous before visiting their local dentist is the potential expense that might be involved. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, knowing the dental implant cost is among one of the top questions that is asked every day. The free consultations are great for getting an approximate price of any surgery, but for regular visits to the local dental centre, the care plans are perfect for the entire family.

While having a large procedure completed will vary in costs, Gavin has released their own dental plan for people wanting to visit their local dentist for teeth cleaning and check-ups every 3 or 6 months depending on the plan chosen

Meet the Dental Solutions Team

When you arrive at Gavin’s dental clinic you can expect to be made to feel very welcome. All of the staff are extremely friendly and will give you their full attention. Check out the video above to get a great overview of what you can expect when visiting the clinic and having your dental implants to be fitted by the best rated dentist in Cheshire.

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Types of Implants in Cheshire

Individual Dental Implants

The process to replace an individual tooth is a relatively straight forward and its one that the experienced dentists in Cheshire are successfully completing each day. In order to fully replace one or more teeth, a titanium root is inserted into the gum in place of your natural root system. After a short period of time the custom made porcelain tooth is then bonded to that titanium base.

Gavin Laidlaw Dental Solutions have completed over 5000 successful teeth implants. Each case is always unique but the team can handle everything from standard treatments through to bone grafts or sinus lifts if required. No matter what’s needed, you will be able to have the entire procedure completed at the dental centre by the in house team.

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Contact Our Dental Clinic

If you live in Warrington, Cheshire or even further away, it is very easy to get to the practice as it is a 5 min drive from the M56, M6 and M62 motorways.

Office Hours

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Gavin Laidlaw Dental Solutions’ (at-Home Tips)

Gavin Laidlaw is Chesire’s local dentist, and has been regarded as one of the city’s most trusted dental practice for years. He and his team of professional dentists provide a wide range of services and treatment, which include consultations, routine check ups, cleaning services and cosmetic procedures.

We also offer a FREE initial consultation to each of our customers for those who are curious about any cosmetic procedures such as dental implants and teeth whitening. This way you can ask any questions you may have before making the commitment to undergo any type of procedure.

Funnily enough the most common question we get isn’t really related to any services we provide, but more questions about choosing the best teeth whitening kits in the market. We are happy to answer any questions you may have even if you are not spending your money with us.

At Gavin Laidlaw Dental Solutions you are in the best hands, because our values are ethical and not just about making money. We want our customers to get the right solutions for their needs.

Contact us today to have a chat with Gavin and his team to get the best advice when it comes to your teeth’s health and appearance.

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