Dental Implants


Teeth Replacement in Cheltenham and Gloucester

Cheltenham and Gloucester boast a range of dental practices that are skilled in the art of fitting beautiful dental implants. If you are looking to regain confidence in your smile, please book into one of our practices to see what type of tooth implant might be most suited for your case.

find a dentist in cheltenhamShow off your smile with dental implants. By replacing missing teeth you can get better oral health otherwise it could lead to bone loss or bone resorption of the jaw. The implants will help prevent the face from sinking in where a tooth is missing and improve your bite when teeth might be shifting out of place.

60% of adults between the ages of 35-44 are missing at least one permanent tooth whilst 27% of adults over 65 years olds have no remaining teeth.

Our team of expert dentists will offer you a free consultation, and do a full review of your case. They will explain each type of dental implant that might be suitable for your case, and then make a recommendation based on their years of skill and experience. They will provide you all of the information you need to make an informed decision as to which implant treatment is the right one for you.

There are different costs associated with each type of tooth implant, however most of our practices offer a finance option, so that you are able to choose the dental implant solution that is best for you.

Replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant will not only mean that you can smile with confidence again, but you will also be able to resume eating those foods you used to love, without worrying about a loose fitting, or experiencing discomfort in that area.

Choose the permanent solution to missing teeth, no need to worry about removable dentures anymore.

Cheltenham and Gloucester

Cheltenham is the cultural centre for the Cotswold region. Also known as Cheltenham Spa, this town was built as a pleasure health resort and is now an elegant regency spa town. Nearby Gloucester is steeped in history, where you can find Victorian Docklands, Roman foundations, and the magnificent Norman Cathedral. The Cathedral was even used to film some corridor scenes in Harry Potter!

Cheltenham and Gloucester are both ideally located adjacent to the M5 motorway, with nearby junctions for the A417, A38 and the A40 towards Oxford and London. There are also frequent trains from London, Reading, Bristol, Cardiff, Nottingham and Birmingham.

When in the Cheltenham/Gloucester area for your dental implants appointment, take the time to visit one of the many festivals and events, such as the Tall Ships festival, or the Blues Festival. In town at a different time of year? There is still plenty to enjoy such as a race meeting at the Cheltenham racecourse, visiting the St Mary de Crypt or the Beatrix Potter Museum, or taking your loved one to explore the beautiful “Romantic Road”.

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