Dental Implants


Loose or Missing Tooth in Woking and Bracknell and need a Dentist?

Dentists in BracknellIf you are not feeling very confident with your smile, if you have loose or missing teeth, you should consider getting dental implants in Woking or Bracknell. Our expert dentists are very skilled in fitting all types of dental implants; whether you are considering single tooth implants, All-on-4, or zygomatic teeth implants.

Our dentists offer free initial consultations, where they will assess your smile for the right treatment for you. You can use this consultation to ask any questions you might have about your future implants treatment, and also to discuss your finance options.

These implants are root devices used to replace loose or missing teeth, with three components: the replacement tooth, the implant abutment and the titanium screw. It can be used for single tooth crown, multi tooth bridge and full or partial denture.

Choose an effective option backed up by 50 years of clinical research with a 95% success rate.

The benefits are numerous, implants have unprecedented precision, accurate placement and restoration, they reduce complications, chair time and office visits with the ability to measure bone thickness and locate alveolar nerve. And once the treatment is completed, the placed implants improve eating, talking and comfort.

If you are sick of feeling uncomfortable eating certain foods, and hiding your smile away, find a dentist to fit your dental implants in Woking or Bracknell. Opt for a durable and long lasting replacement option which last over 40 years!

If you are a nervous patient, it will be our dentists main priority to make you comfortable with the idea of dental implants before any treatment is undertaken. There really is no reason to hesitate in booking your dental implants consultation now.

About the Woking & Bracknell Area

Woking and Bracknell are just 25 miles west from Central London. The towns are surrounded by vast expanses of woodlands, perfect for a hike through nature.

You could visit the ‘Old Manor’ public house in Bracknell, a 17th-century brick manor house featuring a number of priest holes. You could also take a wander through Woking’s famous Lightbox museum and gallery.

Both towns are very well connected by motorways, using the M25, M3 and A3. There are main train stations at both Woking and Bracknell, as well as good bus services. These serve to go into London, as well as to the two main airports – Gatwick and Heathrow.

If you are looking to get dental implants in Woking or Bracknell, you will find an abundance of things to fill your day with.

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